The end.

So this is it. The end. Just over 3 years after starting my career as a PlayStation Mobile developer, the feel good story has come to a sad, disappointing end. It’s one that I can take great heart in what I have achieved, the friends I have made, and what is possible in the future. But before I say my thanks to all, it’s worth going back to where it all began.

What started as a 2nd year university project back in 2010 quickly turned into an escape from writing my final year dissertation during 2011/2012. I spent most of my final year writing very little code and wanted to do something I’d enjoy. The PSM SDK allowed me to give something new a go, and I created Snake. With just over 4000 sales and a rating of 4 out of 5 on the store later, I think it’s a complete success. I have always enjoyed learning about how games work. Sure, the game is simple, but that’s why I started with it.

With Snake out in the wild (I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve used that “joke”) in March 2013, I spent the time adding new languages, learning about UI, adding new modes and levels, and just enjoying having my name on a game available to the masses. It doesn’t matter how big or small a game is, seeing your name in the credits feels quite simply amazing.

One November day, I had a cold and took the day off work. With my brain quite simply mush, I started to learn about another simple game I played lots in my childhood at school; Helicopter game. I took my Snake code, and butchered it into a prototype that single day. With permission from the original creator, I worked on it over Christmas and had my 2nd game out February 2014. Helicopter didn’t quite live up to it’s predecessor due to being a less popular game, but it’s nudging 2,000 sales and a rating of 3.68 out of 5.

I did start working on a third project, porting an endless jumper original made for Android called  Gravity Milk. If you’ve not played it, I recommend you give it a shot. I started making it using the PSM game engine, but then decided to have a crack at Unity 2D. Sadly, due to work and life commitments, that one never really took off, but that’s just how it goes.

Did I enjoy the ride? Heck yes, it’s been an extremely satisfying rollercoaster of emotions; the highs of a simple email saying “your game has been released” and watching the download rates increase, to the lows of leader boards being removed and getting to where we are now; a world where at the flick of a switch, my entire games programming career is quite simply wiped off the face of the earth.

I think that’s what hurts me the most, not that PSM is dead, but that my games die with it. Someday I will wipe my PS Vita, and with it any opportunity of playing my own games again. My games were not classics, but knowing that I will lose the chance to show my creations to friends and family really does make me sad. I put a lot of time into their creation, and they die just like that. But this is the cut throat ruthlessness of the games industry, and quite simply the reason I never “got in” in the first place. The games industry thunders ahead and leaves the debris of people’s lives behind it.

I don’t know what the future holds for me. I hoped to get on board the Xbox One indie scene, and even went to a fancy showcase in London during 2013 (I remember being star struck talking to a dev from Overkill, just after Payday 2 had released) but this quickly turned into something that myself and other small developers did not expect to be. We expected XNA 2.0. We were promised every console would become a dev machine. We got neither. I got my Xbox One for this reason, and to play Forza 5. Luckily the 2nd half of the deal has held up better than the first.

But I don’t want to end of a sour note. Sony gave me an opportunity I thought I would never get, and while there were problems along the way; I have learnt a very high level overview of what it takes to release a computer game. Not just the code itself, but getting ready for release, language support, how important a decent UI is (the original Snake UI still gives me nightmares) and other major factors involved. The community have been so helpful to me; getting feedback on Twitter and Reddit plus help from people inside Sony when things went wrong. I need to give a special shout out to Steven Barber, who was pretty much the main man on the inside for so many months. I remember working with Daniel Scales over Skype as we tackled how the hell the online leader board system worked, and kindly asking XMPT Games if they would let me piggyback onto their SVN when I nearly lost a load of work. These guys are the success stories of PSM, going from the likes of Nunnageddon and Monster Hotel to full blown releases like 10 Second Ninja and DiscStorm. As for me, well I’m just a guy that wanted my name on a game or two. I achieved that thanks to Sony.

And finally. Yep. We’re here. Finally I want to thank every single one of you that have read this blog, followed me on Twitter and have played my games. You made those highs so much higher. Sure, having my name on some stupidly simple remakes is all well and good, but to think that over 6000 people downloaded them is quite simply astonishing. My PSM career ends here and I can only really finish on two simple words.

Thank you.

State of the game

It’s been nearly 5 weeks since the last post, and I spent 3 of them on a wonderful road trip, away from computers and games. I’ve come back to discover…well nothing much has changed.

A road trip around Europe is always an amazing way to get away from the hussle and bussle of everyday life. Not having to worry about work, or normal issues is peaceful. As long as a basic list of things are in good condition (car, health, supplies) then nothing else matters. I enjoyed my break away, travelling about 3200 miles. If you’ve not done something like this before, I highly recommend it.

But anyway, I’m back in the country and already done half the work I have planned to do. The Snake update has already been delivered, accepted and is waiting to be released. Sadly, all this update does is remove the online leaderboards, and fixes a single bug (restarting a time attack level would start a normal level!) I considered trying to add stuff, but I’d rather get the update out, and maybe do a further one in the future. The game will soon be available in Austria (been there!) and India too. I’m hoping to get Polish added soon and have asked a friend.

As for my Helicopter game, well I haven’t started work on that sadly. I’m currently considering ideas as to how to remove online leaderboards. Snake lends itself to just having the top score for each combination of level, difficulty and mode. Sadly, Helicopter game only has one mode. An option I am considering is just showing the local scores, but also the date that score was achieved. This saves the hassle of re-introducing my terrible initial entry system that was original added to Snake before online leaderboards. I still have nightmares about how I coded that.

So what next? Well, I will now likely turn my focus to PSM SDK 2.0, producing only Vita games. This saves the hassle of trying to get any future games to work on multiple devices, as well as having more memory to use. I’m actually considering getting rid of my Sony Xperia Z, as for a small person it’s quite a large phone. I doubt my next phone will be compatible with PSM, which is another reason to move to SDK 2.0. However, I don’t know what I want to do next. I have a few ideas I need to prototye out, as well as some people I want to collaborate with, but we’ll have to wait and see.

While I was away, a really good contact of mine at Sony was let go, not having his contract renewed. It was a shame to hear it; countless times he help me, and got me to where I am now. It seems to me Sony have gone through some internal changes; we’ll see if this helps or hinders Playstation Mobile in the months to come.

Until then, I hope to continue playing games (slowly working my way through Watchdogs, and I may accidentally get a PS4 with Last Of Us before months end) and still need to put up those mini reviews of my childhood games and recent ones! Onwards and upwards!

Not dead yet!

The title of this blog post has quite a few meanings. Firstly, I’m not dead. That’s quite an important one. Secondly, at the time of writing, the leaderboards are still up. Allow me to discuss what has happened over the last 6 weeks.

Firstly, thank you to everyone that helped with making sure Sony noticed my blog post, mainly by retweeting my original tweet. It didn’t exactly go viral, but it got the attention it needed, from PSMDevSupport and Agostino Simonetta. The former were about as useful as a chocolate teapot, adding no further comment as to why this stupid decision had been made without community input. Agostino on the other hand, was interested. For those of you that don’t know, Agostino works for Sony, getting involved with indies. I originally met him back in October at the Playstation Open Day in London.

Now, I’m not saying everything is going to be fixed, but the guy has been asking internally what is going on, and I am expecting an answer back shortly. Which is a slight problem, because on Wednesday I’m heading out of the country on a 3 week road trip. On my return though, I hope to have good news, maybe the leaderboards won’t be taken down.

Either way, I intend to get back into coding once I return, with my first task to get Snake and Helicopter game out to the latest countries. From there, I’ll work on releasing both for Vita TV, and then sit down and decide what to do next. I may even do some of those ‘game reviews’ some when…

An open letter to Sony

(Firstly, yes I know it’s been a while. Again. I’ve been trying to think of the best way of putting this blog post into words. It’s hard. Bear with me here, this is an attempt at it)


Dear Sony,

Lets get the really good bits on paper first. Playstation Mobile has helped me realise a dream of releasing games to the masses, and, even after all the tantrums about getting things working, not having a Vita only release method and submission problems, I’ve really enjoyed the experience. To date, my games have sold over 4000 copies. That may not sound like much, but that is everything to me. With Unity on the horizon, and PSM SDK 2.0 to be focused on just the Vita, the future is looking good for PSM. Sort of.

From the outset, it can be safe to say the community wanted three things:

  • A Vita only PSM platform – DONE 😀
  • Trophy support – Not done, but personally does not bother me
  • Leaderboards – DONE…and now to be removed

Your decision to remove leaderboard support at the end of next month has really confused me and a lot of people in the community. I think Vita Player used a fitting word too; developers are stunned by this announcement. Leaderboards had a troubled early life, with even Snake having problems, meaning developers had to resubmit their games. We are now being asked to submit updates to our games again to remove this feature. The email we were sent informing us of this removal said it was being taken down due to ‘limited usage’. Instead of asking the community why this was, you have made a terrible decision which will affect the life of PSM. From the outset, we have stated that the SDK still crashes when debugging a program if the user has implemented the leaderboard api. This is probably one of the biggest stumbling blocks to getting the api working, which would probably explain why so few people have used it.

Having said that, I have played a quite a few games that have them implemented. Games like Monster Hotel  and Nunnageddon are fun, because they tease you to try and aim higher, which increase their replay value. Infact, Monster Hotel was part of a free one week giveaway in the middle of January. It was downloaded 24,000 times. I personally believe that my games continue to be played simply because people want to see how high they can get themselves on an online leaderboard. Removing this feature means quick fun games like this become meaningless. This hurts developers like myself, and you, since you get a nice cut of profits.

For now, I am putting off removing leaderboards. Snake originally released without online leaderboards, so I know it can be done. If this means my game is removed from the store once the switch is flipped at the end of next month, so be it. Only then will I admit defeat.

Like many developers, I would love to open dialogue with you over this issue, to see if we could come to an agreement. With Unity and PSM SDK 2.0 just around the corner, leaderboards could be so much more. Don’t kill it off now.



Time Flies

A whole 2 months has flown by (again…sorry) so it’s about time I run another update through here, with current games in the works, and a thought about blogging this year.

I suppose the best place to start would be the elephant in the room; the Helicopter game. Firstly, it is complete, and ready to go. I’ve been pushed back with silly little issues, like the description for the game including the term “PlayStation ® Mobile” instead of “PlayStation®Mobile”. Doh. Admittedly, it’s my fault, but it’s frustrating that a person that reviews my game can’t just fix it themselves. I think we can all safely say it’s pretty obvious what I meant.

The other issue I’ve had is to do with every developer’s friend, the PSM leaderboards. I was told my game was crashing when viewing the high scores screen, but only a few times an hour. So, a fun intermittent crashing issue I couldn’t debug as I couldn’t replicate. After literally weeks of trying, I decided to submit the Helicopter game without online leaderboards. It was a decision not taken lightly, but I wanted to get my game out there, especially after the whole ‘Flappy Bird’ episode. In fact, I am well aware I am going to get accused of cashing in on that, so let me address the 2 most important concerns that I expect I will get accused of:

– I made this game over Christmas, before the world had even heard of Flappy Bird.

– I asked the original creator permission to make a PSM version of his game.

Happy? Good.

Once the non-leaderboard version of Helicopter game got approved, I decided to ask for help over at the PSM developer forums, to see if an expert could tell me what I was doing wrong. I expected it would be a while before I even got a response, so to get a fix just 48 hours later felt pretty good. It was both a great relief and at the same time, frustrating I had spent so long overlooking this bit of code. In simple terms, I was trying to be clever with garbage collection, but on some random occasions, I was collecting a load of stuff to do with online leaderboards before it had even got the chance to initialise. Woops.

This brings me nicely onto release dates. It’s….well it’s Tuesday. As in the 11th March. As in on my Gran’s birthday. Woop! Once it’s out, I can then submit an update to add online leaderboards back in. Woop woop!

Another fix I made revolves around viewing a leaderboard if you are not on it. The original plan was to show the top scores if this happened, much like arcade games do. I’ve only recently realised however my code means it shows the BOTTOM 7. Woops! I’ve managed to fix this too, and will get this (and other performance improvements) ported to Snake during the next update, as well as a couple of new levels. Everyone loves new levels for free right :-)

Talking of the leaderboards, I spent a lot of Friday night playing Snake, to get myself up the leaderboard. I focused on classic medium, and as you can see, I’m nearly there:

Snake: Classic Medium Leaderboard

I actually had 1 person add me on PSN just before Christmas, asking why my name came up in pink on the leaderboards. I had to explain to them it is because I’m the developer, and they were pretty amazed by that. That was a good feeling. It’s nice to know people are playing a game you made :-)

In other development news, I’m started learning Unity2D, as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so am targeting to develop my next game on it. Whether this will be on PSM or something else, who knows 😉 I don’t want to say too much in case nothing comes out of it. At the moment, I’m going through this tutorial with the aim that once I have completed it, to change it into the Helicopter game. When learning new technologies, I feel it is much better to create something you know and understand. That’s exactly how I started with PSM and Snake.

Something else I’ve been pondering recently is expanding this blog a bit. Obviously not posting for 2 months (sorry again) wasn’t the plan, and I want to talk about other games things to. So, since I’ve spent much of the last 2 months playing the Titanfall beta, Plants vs Zombies and what not, I’m going to start doing little “reviews’. Those quotations are key, apart from doing some small reviews for ZiiP years ago (I still have them) I’ve never really ventured into it. And I doubt what I will post will be considered a review, more so a rambling of games past and present. Plus, the amount of spelling and grammar mistakes in my posts show it’s not a very professional setup here anyway. I want to talk about what games I’ve played during the week (including my online racing I take part in over at as well as titles that have defined me as a person. Call that sad, but if it wasn’t for games like Battlefield 2 and Trackmania, I’d never of got into PC gaming, and PC technology as a whole. Whether it be a good (Fahrenheit) or bad (Spore) thing, I want to tell you about it. And I don’t care if you don’t listen 😛

So that’s what I’m going to do. And anyway, I need to tell everyone how awesome MDK was. I’ll do that next week :-)

Here comes 2014

It seems we have started 2014 in the same way we finished 2013: Wet. I’ve also continued in what I did last year, tinkering with the helicopter game to a point where I can release it.

A recent hurdle I encountered was collision detection. Now, the web version of this game doesn’t have the most accurate collision detection in the world, and I wanted to improve this in my game. Sadly, per pixel collision detection is somewhat expensive, especially on a Vita or other handheld device. At first, I tried making it sprite based collision (if this image overlaps this image, they have collided). Sadly, the helicopter image has a lot of empty space, which means this idea doesn’t really work either.

Now, games developers are a crafty bunch. We cheat, basically. So I’ve reverted back to the previous idea. Sort of:



The yellow quadrilaterals are actually what I use to judge whether you have collided with the edges. Yes, it’s not fully accurate, but it gives the player a bit more of a chance. Obviously in the game you won’t see those yellow bits; they’ll be hidden!

I’ve also been working to make sure awkward moments like this don’t happen too:



I’m hoping to have the game bit of this done over the next week, and then get a few translations completed to have it ready to submit before the end of the month. Which is exciting 😀

Before then however, Snake will be released to more countries, which is quite an exciting thing to happen. Recently, sales have picked up, which I am guessing is from more Vita’s being sold over the Christmas period! Only yesterday, I sold 15 copies, which is a lot when you consider the month before it was more like 3-5 copies per day. Onwards and upwards!

That was 2013!

So here we are then. A whole 2 months since I last posted (sorry) and the end of 2013 is nearly here. Wow. What a rollercoaster. Quite a few things to get through.

The PSM SDK. 1.21 was finally released without any real fanfare. However, it’s out, as is the update for Snake, which also fixed the icon issue. It looks like I didn’t need to reset the high scores boards either. Silver linings and all that. With this update, I took the opportunity to add new languages, as Sony announced it was adding more countries to PSMSnake will be added to all countries listed in the update, bar the Netherlands, as I am currently trying to get someone to do the translations for me.  People in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Sweden and New Zealand will all be able to buy Snake on January 8th 2014. Hopefully. The plan was to have it out on the same day the store was opened in these countries. Sadly, due to technical issues on Sony’s side, it didn’t make this as their system couldn’t cope with a product update, which was the new languages, AND the description update. A bit annoying, but there won’t be as many games being added to these countries, so Snake gets it’s own personal release date, 6 days before my birthday :-)

November saw Snake smash pass the 2000 barrier. What with more countries lined up, and more Vita’s and other devices in people’s hands, that number is only going one way. Infact, sales have somewhat picked up recently:


* December is up to and including sales on 27th

But enough about Snake, it’s about time I talk about different games, different engines and different consoles…

Lets start with the game some people know about. Project 2. Having lost a weeks worth of work (lesson learnt, I now have an SVN) I found it hard to get back into coding. I kinda fell out of love with it all. Work and social commitments took over a bit (also explains the lack of blogging) but something else happened behind the scenes.

On Tuesday 10th December, I went to a special Xbox One event, about how they would be supporting indie developers. One big thing already announced was Unity engine support for Xbox One. Now, Unity is an engine I have never used in my life, but always wanted to have a crack at. The recent 4.3 version included 2D support, so I’ve decided to try and Iwill try and make project 2 for Xbox One in 2014. That’s not to say it won’t hit Playstation Mobile sometime in the future, but I have a crazy idea that 2014 HAS to be bigger for me, and this seems like the next opportunity to take. I now have an Xbox One (mainly for Forza 5) so I am ready to hit the ground running once the tools are out.

This relit my coding fire, but I wanted to do a quick project over Christmas. Snake took way too long to create, so I wanted something simple and fun. The project I wanted to do actually had a single creator, so I decided to email David McCandless to see if I could use his awesome idea. He said yes, and as such, my Christmas/New Year project took off. And here is how it looks right now:

psm 2013-12-29 11-46-38-55


Yep, I am creating the Helicopter game for Playstation Mobile 😀 Now, as you can see, I’m far from finished, I need to smooth the edges, get the helicopter to tilt up and down, add smoke etc. But the whole package is there and working, and will have high score leaderboards, and exactly the same menu system as Snake (because, well it works.) So yes, this is my project for now. Don’t expect any surprises with this one, I’m doing this one for myself. Like the last one really.

And I think that’s everything, so I suppose I have to do some kind of end of year speech around this time. This was the year I became an indie developer. This was the year I followed a dream. It had a few bumps along the way, any dream does, it wouldn’t be a dream if it wasn’t hard. But I can say I did it. You always have your doubters too, and I think the biggest one was myself. My own worst enemy. But you also have those that believe in you; friends and family. So yes, thank you. To the guys and girls over at Playstation for making this dream a reality, as well as XMPT Games and Daniel Cake for help and advice along the way, as we kept each other going. Not forgetting the mad lot I follow over on twitter too, like Steven Barber and Liam DuffyThey’ve been a good laugh and helpful along the way :-)

This year I graduated and passed 1 year in my first full time job. I count this as my biggest achievement and I couldn’t of done it without any of you. Thank you.

Carrot Creations signing off for 2013.

Snake Status

I plan to make todays blog post short and sweet, focusing on the current state of Snake.

As I mentioned last week, there were some issues relating to the scoreboard showing different scores on my mobile and Vita. This has now been confirmed by Sony as a bug, with the Vita and mobile leaderboards stored on different servers resulting in syncing issues. As I showed in my video, this was an issue I had not seen before, and this oversight by Sony completely explains it. Sadly, I will need to resubmit my game once the new SDK comes out, and it seems the only way to fix the syncing issue will be to reset the score boards. I’m sorry this will have to happen but it will be the only way to fully fix the problem. A little highlight to my week was having a friend request on PSN from a guy who commented on my high Snake scores, not realising I was the actual developer 😀

During this update, I’ll attempt to fix the odd looking high score button, as well as a few other fixes I realise need doing. I forgot to add a shortname to my program in Japanese (something that is required, so no idea how this was missed during submission) so yet again, my app STILL isn’t out in Japan after all. There is no ETA as to when the SDK update will be released, something I am trying to find out. Rest assured these issues will be fixed. I’m not one to leave things half finished. I promise.

Ups & Downs

When things are going your way, you should always be wary of the road ahead. Chances are something is going to bring you back down from cloud nine with one hell of a crash. And it has.

The last fortnight has been a highly entertaining one for me. I was lucky enough to go to the Playstation Open Day at Sony Studios in London, in what proved to be an interesting afternoon of indie discussion. I met up with the guys from XMPT Games as well as meeting Steven Barber properly. Information about Playstation Mobile was thin on the ground, with the afternoon focused on ‘full release’ indie titles. Less Snake, more Stealth Inc and Hotline Miami. Still, it was a brilliant afternoon learning about the whole process and tools available from Sony. As it said on the free t-shirt, the move to PS4 has meant they are focused on ‘No hurdles, just games’ with processes streamlined to make it easier for us indie developers to focus less on the things we’re probably not good at (business) and more on the bits we love (developing).

I also got to chat with Agostino SimonettaSenior Account Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. I was able to talk to him about the frustrations of PSM. Even as I type this, other indie devs and I have not had a sales report from Sony for the last week. I hope to be emailing him in the future with this and other concerns. PSM is interesting as a majority of the processes are either automated or done over in Japan. However, Agostino seemed interested to hear about common problems with the system (one being a lack of communication, as I’ve had no confirmation from PSM DevSupport that the issue above is being looked into) so I hope to get this done soon.

Speaking of sales, I’ve now sold over 1700 copies of Snake, and happy to see that the major 2.02 has now been released. I currently have no idea how it is selling, but to see the Snake banner on the PSM Store homepage was another tick box in my indie dev chapter. Sadly, the whole release hasn’t been as smooth as I hopedwith a couple of issues shown in that video. Since doing that video, I’ve noticed a further issue, where switching between high score leaderboards quickly results in wrong scores/places/people being displayed. This is all bugs with the flaky leaderboards API. I say flaky, as once you declare you are using it in the SDK, you are then unable to debug your program. It literally crashes the SDK. It’s pretty disappointing something like this got released to be honest, and again we have no real idea when this issue is going to be fixed. As for my own program, I have been told my issue has been passed on the support team and that they will be contacting me shortly. This was on Thursday, so we’ll see what happens. I am tempted to resubmit, just to see if it’s caused by a corrupted upload, but of course this takes a few weeks to come through (unless I can get the team to quickly get the update out).

Sadly I’m going to end this blog post on a bit of a down. I managed to loose a good chunk of my work on my second game, which I showed in my previous blog post. I don’t know how it happened, but it means I doubt we’ll see it submitted in November, which I was originally aiming for . What this does mean is that my work is now properly backed up on an SVN, thanks to Richard from XMPT. I did weekly backups on my external hard drive, but that week I had not done one. Lesson learned. Back your work up frequently. I am lucky in that I was always careful with my uni work and never had this issue, so hopefully this is my one and only hiccup.

Onwards and upwards!

Eurogamer, Snake & Game 2

Having spent most of last weekend recovering from Eurogamer, I want to update people on the progress of Snake 2.02 and my 2nd game.

Just over a week ago I got went to Eurogamer with a few friends to check out what games (and consoles) were due out over the next year. Having got an early entry ticket, we went straight to the Playstation 4 stand, having a chance to check out Drive Club. I was impressed with the handling and the direction of the game, aiming for a community racer with lots of little challenges rather than a ‘he whose fastest wins’ racer. As expected, Battlefield 4 was stunning, even if I proved that I am useless at shooters with a (Xbox One) controller. Forza 5 was a bit of a disappointment, looking stunning but it’s simulation handling being impossible to control with a normal controller. I also preferred the new PS4 controller to the Xbox One. My gem of the expo however went to Super Exploding Zoo, a cute cartoony strategy game. I had a quick go on PS Vita and was impressed with the controls, with the game being silly and simple enough for me to pick up and play.

I also had a quick go on a £50,000 sim racing setup on a game called iRacing. I didn’t do too well (I prefer cars that you can chuck around) but all things considered, it was the first time on that game, on a car/track I had never used, in a very expensive setup. I know, proper racing car excuses, but my friend CarBoyCam did a much better job of showing the skills of our racing team. Least we got the team photo right:

TSA Racing @ Eurogamer

Myself (@PMorby), @Chu99y and @CarBoyCam at Eurogamer


To be honest though, having spent all day playing games, they all paled in comparison to Snake and Game #2 😛

The Snake update finally got reviewed by Playstation Mobile, but sadly got rejected. However, it wasn’t because of the new scoreboards and infact was something silly, so much so that I managed to fix the issue and upload a fixed version the same day. Hence why the version number has jumped to 2.02 I am hoping it takes less than 12 days to get an answer this time though.

The big thing I want to talk about today is Game 2. I’ve made progress over the last 2 weeks, and enough to show you the ups and downs of game development. Firstly, it’s probably worth mentioning what genre 2 is. It’s an endless jumper. If you don’t know what that is, go play Winterbells. I lost many hours (mainly in I.T at school, sorry Mrs Smallwood) to that game. So how do you start on a game like this? Well I decided to start with the Sir Awesomealot demo found in the PSM SDK. Luckily, my game isn’t a straight copy, so the initial work was actually spent removing chunks of code that weren’t needed (all the other enemies, health, being able to attack etc). Once this was complete, I then got to work on the jumping mechanic. Initial attempts looked rather funny, as I got to grips with how the physics worked.

Once I had understood how that worked, I got to work on the endless jumper bit. I just spawned 20 bats and started working out the best gaps, jump height etc. You noticed I also played around with the UI. It has started taking shape now, and I’ve got to the point where I need to start working on the accelerometer (you tilt the device to move) and also want to start throwing in the actual game art. I’ll start showing that off once Snake gets approved. I feel more confident about getting this game out before the end of year, at least than I did this time last month, when there wasn’t much to show apart from the touchscreen menus. I can’t show them at the moment as they’ll give the game away. I wonder if there are any other clues! 😛