Snake on Playstation Mobile is my first game to be published with my name (ok, Carrot Creations) on it. Having owned a Nokia 3310, I too spent many bus trips and lunch breaks at school trying to beat my own high score time after time. During my 2nd year at uni, I even made a small multiplayer version of snake on the Playstation Portable. During the final year of uni, the Playstation Mobile SDK was released as a free beta, and I wanted to have a crack at creating something, as a break between dissertation panic. Stumped at what to do, I decided to port my Snake game across from PSP to PS Vita. What was first a fun little side project has now become a full PS Mobile release, racing to 1000 copies sold in under 10 weeks. 1 of those sales did include me mind.

There isn’t much else to say about this classic; 15 levels, 4 difficulty settings, 2 game modes and 1 little game. Made by me :-)

Download Snake on PSM




With Snake now out in the wild (ber dum tish) I’ve started work on a second project. This one is a much more ambitious project compared to Snake and I hope to blog as I go up and down on the rollercoaster that is games development…..stay tuned!!